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Hi there and thanks for visiting our little blog. We decided that we wanted a place to share our thoughts and experiences raising our boy Richie, health and fitness info, and just anything else in general that we happen to feel like, it is our blog after all! Who knows, maybe this will morph into something cool, a treasure-trove of info and ideas for people around the world, or maybe it’ll just be a reminder for us of what works, what doesn’t, and ideas for dinner.

Since this is the first post we feel that it’s a prime time to introduce ourselves. I’m Heath, my wonderful wife is Nikki, and our currently two year old son is Richie. I wasn’t allowed to call him Conrad. He is a lively young handful, as I’m sure most two year olds are, but having no previous experience we just try and go with it as best we can. We also have a blue heeler called Mya. She’s mad. Again, as I hear most heelers are. I had the realisation a few days ago that they are virtually the same, the boy and the dog. Task them, pay attention to them, or they will destroy your house.

A lot of the content on this blog will relate to food, nutrition, lifestyle and physical culture, so I feel it would be appropriate to let you know where we are coming from. I have a certificate in fitness and exercise science and while I decided not to pursue this further to a degree I have undertaken extensive training and research in the 10 or 12 years since completing this course. Nikki is a registered nurse and full time mummy who has become passionate about health and nutrition since having Richie and realising the extent of the terrible information that is taught (or brain washed) to new mums. We want to emphasise that neither of us is a registered nutritionist or dietician. These days I make the best peanut butter in the world for a company whose values I believe in. I wouldn’t be there if I didn’t. I also coach and compete in kettlebell sport and so should you. Nikki is in training for her first ever bikini competition and is shit scared of stepping on stage, I can’t blame her for that. It’s bloody hard work and nobody should have to eat that much tuna, chicken breast and broccoli. It will be a happy day in the My Pride house when there are no longer 400 tupperware containers to wash every week!

So now that you have a little background on us, why are we doing this? What inspires us? Well for me, I read a book once back in 2002/2003 that completely changed the way I view health and fitness. I’ll share it with you someday. It’s fair to say that my views from that point on, especially early on, have been ‘fringe’. These days though the pendulum is shifting and it’s no longer considered bad to have eggs for breakfast, anyone who does a little research knows that the lipid hypothesis is bollocks, and the majority of fitness programs are focussed on movements not just muscles. For Nikki the real kicker was having Richie. She realised that most mainstream nutritional advice for children was shocking, baby food was substandard, and nobody was going to do anything about it unless she took a stand. So we shunned teething husks, formula and standard baby food (unbelievably most contain added sugar) and set about making his food for him. Real food. That’s what a lot of this content will focus on. Lunchbox ideas for your child. There are plenty of others out there who took the same stand and are taking action, Dom’s Kitchen being a favourite, but we hope My Pride will provide a breadth of information for a complete lifestyle change and inspiration to take your own stand.

So why ‘My Pride’? My Pride works on three levels. For a start, Richie is our pride and joy, and without him this wouldn’t exist. Second, the majority of content here will focus on development and growth of a healthy family, a pride. Thirdly, The Rich is just plain obsessed with The Lion King so it seemed kinda appropriate.

Be roarsome.


This post was written in Sept 2016. Yes, it’s taken that long to get round to publishing this! For me, my views are always changing (how much sun did you get today?), Richie turns 3 in three months, and Nikki got third in her bikini competition! And we built a house! Now we are hoping life might be able to settle a little and keep this project on track. Let us know what you think, either in the comments here or on the Instagram.

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