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Are you getting the results you desire from your current training?

Perhaps you’re a complete exercise newbie just looking for that guidance to set you on the most beneficial path? Either way, Personal Training will assist you to meet your goals in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Weight Loss

There are many different approaches to weight loss these days, some work, some don’t, most are based on moderation and some are outright dangerous. At Physical Culture we promote a ‘health first’ approach. Fix your diet, supplement it with effective exercise programming and reap the benefits. If you need that extra bit of guidance and support we are here to help.


Whether you’re new to the iron game, or a seasoned trainer just looking for a new approach, here at Physical Culture we have something for you. Strength and Conditioning programmes are developed to meet your needs, using the tools that you have available. No matter what your goals, from sports performance to post natal comeback, we can support you in your quest for better.


Kettlebells and Boxing provide an incredible conditioning benefit that is hard to find in any other format. In comparison to other conditioning methods they require you to deliver power from the ground, through the legs, and into the arms in a standing position. This provides a tremendous carryover to the majority of sports. Get the advantage this season! Get in contact now.

Post Rehab

It can be a long road back from injury, believe me I know. Through the principles of Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Systems and our close relationship with local physiotherapists we pride ourselves in our ability to guide you on your path back to full function, whether this means getting back on the field or back to full time work, personal training will help get you there.