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“When someone loses core stability, a bunch of planks don’t fix that shit!”

– Gray Cook MSPT, OCS, CSCS


The human animal is perfectly designed for walking, running, pushing, pulling and squatting. But our lame, modern, day to day activities often ruin these complex abilities and leave us tight, weak and an embarrassment to our species. At Physical Culture our aim is to restore this ability to the population. We use a regression of exercises, from the complex back down to the primal, to restore this lost ability and make you move and feel the best you have in years.

We use the Functional Movement Screen with all Personal Training clients prior to commencing an exercise routine. The screen generates an FMS score which guides the trainer in appropriate exercise selection for the clients individual situation, taking into account their personal asymmetries and limitations. This allows the trainer to monitor improvement as the program progresses and constantly attack the weak link in the clients movement profile.

The Next Generation

Somewhere along the way we got things horribly wrong. Decreasing PE classes, kids on playstations and tablets instead of outside climbing trees, our physical future is not looking good. But we can change that. If nothing else, it is my goal to equip our children with the movement skills and strength that they are born to develop. Let’s change our future, our children’s future.


Group Screening

Movement screening is ideal for a group or team training situation, particularly pre-season. The coach is able to group the team into various stations for their warm up work, based on their movement screen scores. This allows the coach to target each players weak link and help turn them into a more well rounded athlete before the season begins and training intensifies.


Individual Screening

Movement screening is available to individual athletes/people who desire an objective way of ranking their movement quality. After the initial screen the appropriate exercise selection is made and the client is provided with a program of supportive exercises. Re-screening is advised after 2-4 weeks to adjust the program as necessary based on improvements made.