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Simultaneously develop strength, endurance and mobility in as little as 10 minutes per day!

Just purchased a kettlebell and not sure where to start? Perhaps you’ve seen them at the gym and haven’t been brave enough to pick one up? Or maybe you’re a seasoned lifter just looking for those extra few tips to take you to the next level? Then these workshops are for you.

There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding kettlebells and how to train with them, from dodgy youtube videos to over-hyped marketing designed to suck you into the next fitness craze, as if somehow you could pick up a kettlebell and lose 20 kilos automatically. Well I’m here to tell you that’s just not true. The kettlebell is a tool, it’s not magic. What’s important is how you use it and that’s what these workshops will teach you. You will learn to separate the hype from the facts, gain a solid understanding of the different ‘styles’ of kettlebell lifting, and most importantly how to apply it all to meet your training goals!

Kettlebell lifters are known for their strength endurance, amazing feats like Denisov jerking two 32kg bells 176 times over 10 mins, or Fedorenko jerking the 60kg bell for 35 reps each arm! You cannot begin to understand how hard that is until you have some spent some time under the bells. But kettlebell lifting also develops many special skills that will help any strength or endurance athlete.

Strength Sports

Kettlebells allow the strength athlete to develop levels of mobility and power through ranges that just aren’t possible with a barbell. The hardstyle swing is famous for improving the deadlift numbers of many a powerlifter and the get up restores shoulder mobility and stability like no other drill. From Arthur Saxon to Andy Bolton, the best use kettlebells.



Kettlebells teach the balance of tension and relaxation perfectly and nowhere is this skill more evident than in the sport of boxing. Add the ability to breathe and stay relaxed under pressure along with the sequence of developing power from the ground up and delivering it to the hand and you have the perfect compliment to boxing.


Endurance Sports

The key to success in endurance sports is staying relaxed. The kettlebell will teach you this. But perhaps more important is the strength and stability benefits from training certain kettlebell exercises. These will allow you to train and compete harder, for longer, without the niggly injuries that are all too common among endurance athletes.


Personal Trainers

Teaching people is your game. Your reputation is constantly on the line. With the explosion of kettlebells over the last 10 years has come an explosion of sub par information on how to train with them. Don’t be that trainer. Get yourself skilled in teaching clients with  the most veratile tool around with a Physical Culture workshop.


These workshops are formatted to give you a safe and productive introduction to the most efficient training tool there is. You will learn the foundational movements and how to perform them correctly, programming for your goals, and take part in an introduction to Kettlebell Sport, if you dare!

Interested in hosting a workshop?

Whether it’s workplace wellness, cross training for your sports team, or staff training for your gym/personal trainers I can structure workshops to suit your needs. Contact Physical Culture to find out more!