The Battle Rages On

It’s been an interesting two months…

In late August I lifted at the NZGSA South Island Champs. I had been training towards LC28 with a target of 60 reps which I felt was well within my reach. I had hit 54 in 9 mins in training about 6 weeks prior and was confident. Then I got sick with two weeks to go and just couldn’t shake it. I was crook. Man Flu. You know what it’s like, whether male of female you understand the horrors of Man Flu. Anyway, not wanting to die on the platform, I opted to lift light and to my surprise banged out a PB of 101 reps in LC20. This hurt because I was not in good shape but sometimes it’s fun to go light and fast. Success.

Following the comp we went on our first real family holiday. We had been away with Richie before, but it doesn’t count until you’ve flown! He was an angel. A rugged, handsome angel. That five days on the Gold Coast was just what I needed to recharge the batteries and start to feel well again. Amazing how going from an 8 deg winter to a 24 deg winter will do you wonders! We had an excellent apartment, a lagoon pool, lots of fresh fruit and some magnificent Fat Yak Pale Ale. I also got to lift with Kettlebell Jess and some of her crew which was a treat, although it was the day after comp (and day after Aus Nationals) so we were hardly the most spirited bunch! All in all though just what I needed.

On return to NZ I took a week off and then tried to settle into some assistance training, building a base. The plan was Front Squats for interval sets, supplemented by lunging etc and some explosive barbell shrugs. It was fun and I loved the variety. But I just couldn’t get psyched about lifting kettlebells again. No matter, this was a rebuilding period and the break would do me good. There was a slowly growing apathy though, towards lifting in any form, towards the gym itself, hell, I wasn’t even mountain biking. Maybe that’s the issue?! I was feeling bored and couldn’t get excited about training. Maybe I needed a new environment? I even tried another gym for a session. Sshhh! But that was horrible. Mono-colour and boring it certainly didn’t help with my motivation. When I next walked into Evolve Gym I realised what a cool and diverse place it is. Maybe one day I’ll change, but not yet.

My lifting was going ok. The FSQ goal had been 30 seconds on:30 seconds off for 20 sets @12RPM. Begin with 40kg (approx 40% 1RM) and work to 60kg, maybe even to BW of 70kg. This was going well and combined with high volume lunges my legs were slowly growing, but things were starting to hurt. I have a history of left/right imbalance and the bilateral squatting was not helping. I conquered the 20 sets at 50kg and moved to 60kg where I have built to 12 sets so far. Then crash. Everything was hurting. It took a week to recover from that training session. I also caught a virus of some sort which didn’t help. I was hurting all over and by the end of the week couldn’t eat without getting sick. I ate sporadically for a couple of days and then went to what I knew would help, fasting. Today is my first day back to eating. I only fasted for two days but I feel much, much better. This needs to be a regular addition.

In the middle of October we participated in the One Hour Long Cycle. It’s a charity event run simultaneously worldwide. Everyone long cycles for the full hour to raise money, this year for autism related charities, in NZ we raised over $400 for Autism NZ. This was a good feeling. Work hard, give back. You get more from giving than you ever do from receiving. Physical Culture will do more charity events in the future I think. Lifting with one arm was fun, I haven’t lifted with one arm in a long time.

So where to from here training wise? I think I’ll have a crack at biathlon. I’ve never competed in biathlon. In fact I’ve never done more than 3 mins jerk at any weight above 16kg! Ouch. It will be fun and it will help my long cycle when I go back to it for Nationals 2016. Biathlon and stretching/mobility/recovery. Maybe a massage here and there this time. I’m not getting younger and “train smarter not harder” comes to mind.

Some closing thoughts… One of my workmates lost his mother this past weekend and another one’s mother is in serious condition. Grown men are gutted. Shattered. Family is everything. Don’t take it for granted. Do whatever you can to foster your family relationships. Treasure them. Physical Culture is going to focus more on family in the future so keep an eye out for some great tips on how to build a healthy, loving family focussing on nutrition, exercise and family activities.

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