Workshop Wrap Up

Well it’s now done and dusted! Our first kettlebell workshop here in Nelson was a great success. What an excellent turnout from all the Evolve Spring Challenge members and a special mention to Sarah and Ian who came all the way from Blenheim to brush up on their kettlebell skills. I hope you two learned a thing or two to use with clients over there during your personal training sessions.

The morning started with a quick summary of different styles of kettlebell lifting and why you would use each for maximum effect. After this we got straight into the work with some hardstyle and girevoy sport style swings. The group picked up on swings very fast, thanks to the majority having kettlebell swing experience during crossfit classes and an abundance of solid movements like deadlifting in everyday programming. It always makes my life easier when you have a group with some experience 🙂

Next up was Cleans and here’s where it got interesting. While most have experience cleaning a barbell, a kettlebell is a different story altogether. You have to learn to relax your grip, let your hips and legs do the work and simultaneously sneak your hand under the bell. No easy task but again the majority of the group picked it up well and were cleaning strong in no time!

On to Push Presses and again the experience of today’s group shone through! The key to the Push Press is achieving the correct rack and overhead positions so that the movement that links them together, the dip and drive, is as seamless as possible. With some minor modifications to position, and some extra work by some to break old habits, we soon had this down and were ready for a short workout of a couple of sets of 1 min per hand. By this stage it was starting to dawn on some that perhaps there was something to this kettlebell lifting thing,that it was a little harder than expected.

Lastly we covered the Half Snatch. As a combination of the different positions already learned today, bottom of the swing, rack, and overhead, it should come fairly easily. But there’s something about the timing of the hand insertion in the snatch that always presents a challenge. That’s why I prefer to teach the Half Snatch initially, you get the opportunity to learn the pull and insertion without the complications of the drop involved in the snatch. After 20 mins working on this with the swing + snatch drill we had a group of reasonably confident and competent kettlebell lifters who were just itching to take on their last challenge for the day..

A quick workout of: Cleans – 4 mins, Push Press – 4 mins, Half Snatch – 4 mins

These were done with 2 mins rest between sets and proved very testing for most. The ability to breathe, relax and alternate cycles of tension and relaxation is not easy but it’s one of the major benefits of kettlebell lifting. When you develop this ability you can learn to cope with all sorts of physical challenges, kettlebell lifting applies not just to kettlebell sport or crossfit type fitness, it applies to life.

Thanks to all who came along. If you could please provide feedback or a review below it would be much appreciated.

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