Announcing our first Kettlebell Workshop in Nelson!

Foundations of Kettlebell Lifting

Sat 19th October 2013 10am

Run time 2 hours

This special edition spring workshop will cover all you need to know to get started successfully with kettlebell training. Kettlebells are becoming more and more popular in gyms around the country, New Zealand is finally catching up with the rest of the world and with the ever expanding popularity of crossfit it looks like the kettlebell is here to stay.

With this new popularity comes many conflicting ideas and uses for this ‘cannonball with a handle’. This can be hard if you are just starting out but this workshop is designed to cut through the confusion and hype and teach you the basics of effective kettlebell training.

You will learn the differences between the sometimes conflicting schools of thought, how to perform the foundational exercises, and how to program them for your own personal goals.

The following exercises will be taught at this Foundations of Kettlebell Lifting workshop:

Kettlebell Swing and variations

  • Power swing

  • Hardstyle swing

  • Kettlebell sport swing

  • American/Crossfit swing

1 arm Clean

  • The Clean is a swing

  • Rack position

  • Correct grip to avoid hand tears

  • How to avoid banging your forearm

1 arm Push Press

  • Rack position

  • Overhead position

  • The dip and drive

  • Shock absorption

Half Snatch

  • A great conditioning exercise to build you up to the Snatch

  • The Half Snatch is a swing!

  • How to master the hand insertion and create a crisp lockout

  • The drop

This first Foundations of Kettlebell Lifting workshop will run for two hours and cover the basics to get you on your way to kettlebell dominance. Come along and give it a shot, you’ll learn something new and walk away with a whole new experience of kettlebell training. Maybe you’ll even consider entering our first competition!

This workshop is run as part of the Evolve Spring Challenge and positions are very limited. There are some public spaces available but you must register your details now or risk missing out!


Evolve Spring Challenge members: FREE

Public: $30 (Payable on the day)

Register here:

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  1. Saghi February 9, 2015 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    Hello, can you pleas let me know where you are conducting the Kettlebells classes,thanks

    • Heath Bowman February 20, 2015 at 8:15 am - Reply

      Classes are at Evolve Gym, 4 Fuji Court, Stoke, Nelson. A new six week block starts next Wed 25th Feb at 5:30pm

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