Long Cycle Musings

On the 25th of March I trained my first session of Long Cycle, ever. Four sets of two mins work:one min rest at 8RPM with the 12kg bells. On Sat 7th June I performed my first ten minute set with the 24kg bells, 61 reps.

Over the last few years I have trained on and off for Girevoy Sport, almost exclusively with Snatches. Why? Because after an accident on my mountainbike (hilarious if you ask those who were there) I was unable to perform Jerks due to a sterno-costal injury sustained. At this stage I was just beginning to train jerks with the 20kg bells, for perhaps 2-3 sessions. That injury made Jerks a no go for me for the next couple of years and so it was Snatches for me from then onwards. An occasional stint of One Arm Jerk kept me in the game but even these were problematic. Then one day in March I decided that maybe it was time…

From easy beginnings with some interval work at 2x12kg I quickly progressed to the 16’s for the Physical Culture Kettlebell Sport Open. With inspiration on the adjoining platform, Paul White got 86 reps with 24’s, I gutted out an ugly 89 with the 16kg bells.

The weekend of that competition I got to spend a bit of time with Paul and glean some tips and knowledge off him to help with my lifting. It was after this that I started to concentrate on Long Cycle and leave Snatches behind for now. The next goal set by Paul was 60 reps with the 20’s which I achieved the week after the comp with the 16’s. 66 reps at 2x20kg:

This was a marked improvement on the first set but still plenty of things to work on. I submitted this to Paul for advice and set about working on increasing the speed and power of my second dip and continuing to work on thoracic mobility. At this point I also started working with the 24kg kettlebells. My first session was on the 14th May, two sets of one min at 5RPM. My goal was set at 50 reps in 10 mins. This would satisfy the requirements of Rank 1 with the IUKL, at 73kg I need 49 reps. Last Sat I tested 10 mins with the 24’s for the first time, 61 reps. There was no way 50 was going to satisfy me.

Where to from here? Onward and upward. After a week of rest and recovery I start work with the 28kg bells and aim to achieve CMS rank by the end of the year. I can’t help feeling though that the last couple of months my skill has just been catching up to my conditioning, now is when the real work begins!

How has Long Cycle affected me? I’ve lost a little weight, I’ve put on a little muscle in my legs, shoulders and upper back, and dare I say it, I’ve “toned up”.  It will do the same for you. The Long Cycle Clean and Jerk has it all. A pull, a squat and a press. If that sounds familiar it should, they are the basis of ALL effective and balanced training, just ask a power or olympic lifter.

I am organising a team from NZ to compete at the KETAcademy World Grand Prix Series in Melbourne mid December and I want you to join us. No qualification necessary, just some dedication and the love of GS. Event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/766158570080882/?fref=ts and join the NZ team here: https://www.facebook.com/events/482965348504981/?fref=ts

See you at training on Sat at 8am!

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