Announcing our Long Cycle competition – Sat 2nd August

That’s right, our next kettlebell (girevoy) sport competition will be Sat 2nd August 2014!

The focus of this comp will be the almighty Long Cycle. For those who aren’t familiar with this lift, it consists of two cycles, the Clean and the Jerk. Each rep is counted as the kettlebell is locked out overhead after standing up from the second dip. After dropping the bell from overhead to the rack you must then re-clean before the next jerk. Men use two bells, women use a single bell with only one hand switch allowed. It is tough, but it will make you a better person.

As a compliment to the Long Cycle we will also have a multi switch Snatch option. As many reps as possible in 10 mins, multiple hand switches, you may even put the bell down.

Long Cycle Competition

Download the comp poster here: LC Comp Poster Please share around with anyone who may be interested in competing!

This will be our last official comp this year before our trip to Melbourne in December for the KETAcademy World Grand Prix competition. I am trying to organise a team from NZ to go and represent our little country against some of the best in the world. If you are interested please join the group here.

Registration fee for the 2nd August Long Cycle comp is $25. You will be emailed payment info when your registration form is received. Postal entries will be required to submit a video link via email and provide an address for your certificate to be sent out. Register now!

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