Kettlebells 4 Autism Fundraiser

This year we are participating in the annual One Hour Long Cycle event which is being run again in conjunction with Kettlebells 4 Autism. This is a fundraising event benefitting a range of Autism support and research organisations worldwide, in New Zealand we are supporting Autism NZ.

So what does it involve?! Very simple. It is one hour of kettlebell clean and jerk. There are some rules but remember it’s not a competition, this is purely about participating and showing our support. So here’s a few of the details:

  • One hour of clean and jerk (long cycle)
  • One kettlebell is used, unless you are a freak and want to lift doubles for an hour!
  • You may switch hands at will but may not put the bell down
  • You may use any bell weight you prefer
  • You are allowed assistance to re-chalk and drink during your set
  • You are allowed to walk around to shake your legs out etc

We are allowing entries either as an individual or as a team of 5. For team entries you may tag in/out as often as required. For newcomers to kettlebell sport I would recommend this every 2-3 mins however some of you may be able to push through for longer.

This event is run simultaneously worldwide, here in NZ at 6am. We will be filming the first, 30th and 60th minutes as part of our obligations to Kettlebells 4 Autism.

Entry by donation to Autism NZ. Either bring cash on the day or donate via this link and bring your donation receipt. We encourage all participants to drag along some support (you will need it) and encourage them to donate also.

Individual $20

Team $80

So get your gym, work, or family team together and register by getting in touch here!

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