FREE kettlebell class!

Look what turned up in the mail today…

Kettlebell FAIL

Sounds well and good doesn’t it. Pay nothing until January?! Yes please! Look a little closer…

Kettlebell FAIL

Kettlebell FAIL

Not only is this a Kettle ball circuit, it’s also a Virtual circuit. Invitation to injury anyone?

In my opinion there’s nothing worse than:

A) Bulls*%t  OR

B) Seeing the aforementioned and doing nothing about it, so:

Every person who brings in this voucher to my Saturday morning kettlebell class will receive their first TWO SESSIONS FREE. That’s right, just show up with your voucher and the next two are on me! And if you really want to know what proper kettlebell training is all about (Hint: It’s not squats and rows) then you will be most welcome to join the Kettlebell Sport Competition Training Group on Friday evenings. It’s hard, it’s effective, it’s fun.

Saturday mornings at 9:30am OR Friday evenings at 5:30pm. Contact us for more details.

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