Our first long cycle competition was a success!

Last Saturday 2nd August Physical Culture held our first long cycle competition to great success! Well for most of us it was anyway. Skill was displayed, determination was tested, PB’s were set, and I failed miserably.

Altogether we had seven athletes lifting on the day with another two entered via video (although I haven’t seen your set yet Will). I believe this is the way forward for the sport in NZ at this stage of development. The cost of domestic travel is prohibitive, not many can afford to travel around the country to various competitions, and so entering by video submission is a great way to foster the competitive spirit.

Hats off to Shane and Stenton for entering their first comp, and in Stenton’s case for learning OALC on the day! He showed fantastic determination to make it through a 10 min multi switch set without putting the bell down, that’s the kind of attitude that will take you places. Shane completed his first 10 min double bell long cycle set for a solid 76 reps with the 12’s, but I saw him practicing with the 20’s in the warm up area, watch out for him in the future!

The real competition though was in women’s 16kg long cycle. Here in Nelson we had Mishi and Sheena both lifting side by side at 68kg+ which made for an exciting flight. The pressure was on after Mishi hit 120 reps in training the week before with Sheena yet to complete 10 mins, but oh how competition can change things! It was not Mishi’s day, her grip was fried after 3 mins but she battled on to post 90 reps. It was however Sheena’s day. A huge PB of 103 reps! With excellent fixation too! Now we just have to find the sponsorship so that she can come and compete in Melbourne with us in December. Rounding out the women’s lifting was Tamra Ewing from Crossfit Manukau. Lifting at 63kg with the 16kg bell she managed a solid 80 reps in what I can only imagine was the toughest conditions of all, in front of a fan all the way from Vietnam! Tam too is hoping to join us in Melbourne at the end of the year.

This comp we also featured a multi switch snatch set in the Secret Service Snatch Test style. The father and son pairing of Peter and Crusoe put on a good show in the race to 200 reps. After warming up with some 28kg snatches Peter put up 171 reps with the 20kg, but the superstar was 12 year old Crusoe, 238 good clean reps at 10kg! He was overheard after his set, “should have used the 12!”

My set is not worth discussing. I was recovering after a couple of weeks sick, legs were gone after 3 mins, struggling with lockout issues on the right, I managed a disappointing 46 reps before packing it in. I’ll be back and better next time.

Rounding out the day we had Sheena and Mishi back on the platform for their SSST. The focus of the last training cycle has been the long cycle and consequently they have only snatched once per week as some additional conditioning, but when they got on the platform it looked like they’d been training it all along. Sheena managed 206 perfect reps at 12kg, her fixation has come a long way in the last few weeks and with only one no count it was a great set. Mishi decided to snatch 16kg but after her grip failure in long cycle it was always going to be a struggle. To her credit she gutted out 142 reps in the 10 mins, despite tearing both palms. This a woman with some fierce determination and I watched her two days later set a 7.5kg PB on her back squat. Mish will be aiming for the 20kg bell in Melbourne.

LC results table

If you would like to join us on our assault of the KETAcademy World Grand Prix Series meet in Melbourne in Dec please get in touch. The more athletes we get the better our chances of sponsorship, and of bringing home some medals to NZ!

P.S. A special thanks to Tim for helping with judging on the day and to those who showed up to support the lifters, we couldn’t have done it without you.


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