Our first kettlebell sport competition

Yesterday saw us host our first kettlebell sport competition, run as part of the Evolve Spring Challenge final testing day. After a gruelling morning consisting of a crossfit WOD and deadlift competition there were 15 hardy souls who fronted up for the Long Cycle Relay Fun Competition.

Operating in teams of three, each team led by a trainee from the Kettlebell Sport Competition Training Group, teams had 12 minutes to complete as many repetitions as possible. The time could be divided any way the team saw fit, but each lifter was only allowed one turn on the platform. Points were awarded in the Pentathlon scoring system of one point per rep, per 8kg lifted. In this system athletes lifting a 10kg kettlebell are awarded 1.25 points per rep, for a 16kg it becomes two points.

A huge congratulations must go out to all the ladies who stepped up and gave it a shot, especially those with no prior experience. And a special mention to Peter Abel and Ryan Braunstein who made guest appearances! Although not having trained for approximately 10 months these two got back on the bike and showed solid technique to support their teams.

The victory was taken out by Peter Jones, Peter Abel and 12 year old Crusoe Jones, with second place by Sheena Jones, Amiee Baker and Shane Bowman.

For those interested in taking their kettlebell skills, strength and fitness to a new level you are invited to come and join our Kettlebell Sport Competition Training Group on Friday evenings. We cover all the major lifts in detail and are working our way towards our first full competition on the 1st March 2014. See you there!

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