Clarifications for the Physical Culture Open 2015

This is a brief post to clarify some categories and judging issues with regard to the upcoming competition:

  1. There will be two weight categories for Men and Women. Men’s <80kg, 80kg+. Women’s <65kg, 65kg+
  2. No weight categories apply to Strongsport events
  3. Additionally there will be a Grade B and Grade A division in each category. Men’s Grade B is 12, 16 and 20kg bells. Grade A is 24, 28 and 32kg. For Women, Grade B is 8, 10, 12kg. Grade A is 16, 20, 24kg.
  4. There will be no strict rules regarding lifting attire, with the exception that the elbows must be visible. Padded wrist guards are allowed, this includes Kettleshields, Kettleguards and the like.

If there are any questions from competing lifters please post. It is worth noting that these rules apply to this comp specifically and do not necessarily apply to other NZGSA events.

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