Be the Example

So we know that continuously striving for self improvement is important. Whether it be weight loss, exercise, meditation or taking up a hobby, always trying to be an improved version of yourself is what helps us grow as a human. Your confidence and self worth, your relationships with others, your physical body, your spirit.

But how do we help those around us? The ones we love most, our family and friends.

By osmosis. Be the example.

But sometimes being an example isn’t enough. Some people need more than just an example to follow, whether it’s because of lack of motivation, lack of knowledge or something else. When the deep ingrained habits of, in most cases, many years, rearing their heads as you try to make a change, sometimes change isn’t all that easy. We have all seen this. Someone you know, someone you love, maybe it’s you? You tell yourself you want to change, you want to work on self improvement, you want to be a better you, but those habits just keep coming back. Most put it down to lack of motivation but that’s incorrect (We’ll touch on that at a later stage).

So if setting an example isn’t enough, what do we do?

We give.

This is why we have Personal Trainers. Personal Training isn’t about making money, at least it never used to be. They were the people with the knowledge who wanted nothing more than to help others. To give. Unfortunately these days everything is polluted by money. But you can make a difference without money. You can be the person who, by example, and by giving your time, knowledge and love, can help change someones life. Change their environment.

Be the example.

Give. Time, knowledge, love.

I am part of a small group on facebook that is aimed at supporting members as they try to make various positive changes in their lives. It’s a good idea but largely under utilised and I don’t believe it adequately addresses the holistic approach to changing the environmental factor that is so key to making real and lasting change. It focusses on personal change but doesn’t address the question, what are you doing for others? So I propose to ask this question on the Physical Culture page.

What have you done to help others today?

Taught your child to ride a bike? Made your family a healthy dessert? Taken the kids to the park or maybe the beach for a swim instead of parking them in front of the idiot box? Creating a better environment in which your loved ones can grow┬áis something to be proud of, so I invite you to share with the rest of us what you have done today and why. Together we can help each other, and you might just find you’ll be helping yourself as well.

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