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The spirit of Physical Culture came from an in-house training at a gym where I used to work. We were discussing the swiss ball class and the name Paul Chek was brought up. For those of you who don’t know, the swiss ball would likely, for better or worse, still be considered a rehab tool were it not for Chek’s pioneering of its use as an exercise device. It became clear that the staff instructing this class didn’t have any idea who he was and that for some reason the owner thought that this was a good thing. I had a different opinion…

What sets us apart

To fully understand and be successful at any endeavour, in this case the use and instruction of the swiss ball, it is necessary to understand its origins, history and development. The physical culturists of the early-mid 20th century understood this and developed their methods based on the wisdom of the past blended with real, in-the-trenches experimentation. At Physical Culture we pay homage to the past, to the old time strongmen who coined the term ‘physical culture’, who believed health and movement were as important as strength, and to Dean Jolly, who was the first to bring kettlebells to New Zealand and developed his own physical culture. It is with this spirit and a never ending quest for personal development and knowledge that Physical Culture breaks away from the norm.

Your future

You will not be shown an exercise and asked to do 10 reps, you will be educated. You will not be immersed in the latest fitness fad, because nothing is new. You will not ‘workout’, you will move, play and train. You will not have a chest day, arm day, or leg day, the body is one piece. You will not blindly follow, you will question. You will not merely exist, you will dedicate yourself physically, mentally and spiritually to every day, adapting what is useful, rejecting what is useless, and ultimately, adding what is uniquely yours. You can’t purchase it, you will earn it, you will live it. You are Physical Culture!