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Meet the Coach

Heath Bowman
Heath BowmanHead Coach
I developed the spirit behind Physical Culture over 10 years of industry experience, personal experimentation, and relentless research. I have studied and trained in many systems of physical training, always testing new ideas in the only laboratory that really matters, my own body. This has allowed me to distil this information into an effective, workable format that can be applied to any trainee. None of this of course works without the correct mental approach. This is where the spirit of Physical Culture comes into play. Train with me and you will grow not just physically strong, but perhaps more importantly, mentally strong.
I found Heath to be a great teacher and he takes his time in showing you the different moves and in making sure you are doing them right. I am looking forward to doing more classes with Heath and I recommend if you haven’t had a go at this then get along and do just that you wont be disappointed.
Dee Hollyman
Would definitely recommend this workshop and the classes to anyone wishing to do something different alongside their current training programmes or to newcomers to gym who want to get a great base of strength and conditioning to work off!
Keryn Sheppard
At the age of 50+ I feel fitter and more healthy than I did 15 years ago largely due to the great input from Heath and his dedication to his craft. Thanks Heath!
Sheena Jones