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Welcome, MyPride readers, to the third instalment of the MyPride blog. I have no idea how those who call themselves ‘bloggers’ do this so often! Today’s post will be a little different and is designed to get you operating that big lump of grey matter in your skull a little more effectively. I hope the process is as helpful and enlightening to you as it has been for me.

Back in the first blog I mentioned a book I had read long ago that radically changed my beliefs around nutrition and training. While these concepts were very ‘fringe’ in 2002 they have become far more mainstream now. I remember the disbelief on my mate’s face when I told him I was drinking shakes made from raw goat milk, raw eggs, banana and honey to assist with muscle building. Delicious! “…more like a fat shake” he said. And right he was, lots of fat. But I lost fat and added muscle while drinking them. These days more and more people know that fat ain’t the bad guy and are incorporating it intelligently in their diets, just look to the current research on ketogenic diets, virtually ALL fat, and shows promise in inhibiting cancer cell growth. If you still believe that fat makes you fat and causes heart disease you need to start asking questions.

The nutrition and training info that I learned back then were to change the way I ate and trained, but the mental/mindset info was far more important and was to change the way I viewed life. One of the key principles was this:

“80% of conventional wisdom is wrong”

In all aspects of life.

So what do you do? Accept the status quo and carry on your life, knowing full well that there’s a good chance that 80% of it is wrong? Or, here’s the lesson, question everything? This is what you should do. Question, research, question, research. Once you start questioning you will find some very basic but often hidden truths. Truths that could change your life. But this isn’t stuff you will find in Women’s Weekly or Men’s Health magazines, although a lot more ‘unconventional’ information is making it’s way into the mainstream media. Once you start questioning you will learn how to ask better questions, often simpler questions, and you will dig deep and find the truth you are seeking.

So what do you ask questions about? That’s a very personal thing and depends a lot on what you want to learn about, or what you are told currently but suspect fits into the aforementioned 80%. BUT it wouldn’t be right to leave you hanging, so I present to you now a list of questions to begin with. Bear in mind that these are mostly questions that I have asked myself recently, my journey, my questions. But there are also some questions here designed to lead you on your own journey, I hope it is enlightening. I’ll open with the big daddy:

  1. If humans spent 2 million years evolving on planet earth, why are we the only creature who developed a deadly aversion (cancer) to the main source of energy in our world, the sun?
  2. Perhaps even better than the first question, if you believe we are created by God, why did he play the cruel joke of making the sun deadly to us?
  3. Why are there no essential carbohydrates?
  4. If we are designed to eat meat every day, why do we have flat molars and not a mouth full of canines like a dog?
  5. What separates us from our closest living relatives?
  6. What is our brain primarily built out of?
  7. What is the best source of these nutrients?
  8. How is it that the only part of us that actually touches the earth has failed to adapt to it and requires constant support?
  9. At what frequency do mitochondria spin?
  10. What frequency does wifi operate at? Could this have biological implications?
  11. Is depression a disease or an environmental response?
  12. No other animal drinks milk after it has been weaned, why do we?
  13. If we have been drinking milk for thousands of years why are we only now seeing a massive spike in lactose intolerance?
  14. Why are we driven to consume ‘sweet treats’ in the evening?
  15. Is dark skin an adaptation or is light skin an adaptation? Why?
  16. Why does most store bought baby food contain added sugar?
  17. If our teeth aren’t designed to tear meat (number 4) where do we source the essential amino acids?
  18. Why did many ancient civilisations worship the sun?
  19. Is the ‘Garden of Eden’ literal or an allegory?
  20. What is the opposite of fear?

Be roarsome.



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